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The Dorset Provincial Museum & Masonic Hall

The Dorset Provincial Museum was dedicated on October 28, 1926 by Provincial Grand Master, RW Bro The Earl of Shaftesbury. It is located in the Branksome Masonic Hall in Ashley Road, Parkstone, and houses one of the most comprehensive collections of Masonic regalia and artifacts. With over 8,000 exhibits on display, there are plenty of fine examples of the some of the craft's most beautiful jewels, regalia, and fine china. In addition to their impressive exhibits, the museum also offers new and second hand regalia for purchase at discount prices. Also at the Dorset Provincial Museum, you will find the Dorset Provincial Reference Library. The library has a comprehensive collection of over 1,000 cataloged publications, manuscripts, and historical records available, covering a wide range of Masonic subjects. The museum is open most weekdays and is free to the public.

57 Ashley Road
Parkstone, Poole

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